Gambling Supervision Commission – Isle of Man

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission is an independent statutory known as the gaming control board from the Isle of Man. His main responsibility is to regulate most forms of gambling in this territory including land based like casino, amusement and slot machines, betting offices or lotteries and online gambling services.

The Gambling Supervision Commission was formed in 1962 with one purpose to ensure that gambling remains fair and crime-free and brokers give their clients the winnings. Gambling Supervision Commission was the first jurisdiction that implement some rules in this activity of gambling and create a safe atmosphere for the gamblers.

Being a British Crown Dependency, Isle of Man has their own government and legislation so the gambling licensing isn’t the same with UK licensing and legislation. Regardless this thing, Isle of Man is on white list of UK gambling commission and therefor allows players to advertise their services on United Kingdom’s territory.

Gambling Supervision Commission has a jurisdiction with very strict rules, so their functions must be really specified. They have to do things like licensing and regulation of the gaming operators, guidance and cooperation at all stages of the application process, protection of player’s funds, external testing of games and investigation of complains.