FSB – South Africa

The Financial Services Board known as FSB is an agency from South Africa that is responsible for supervising the financial services industry in the public interest. This means that in this area is also the biggest stock exchange from Africa the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

FSB was formed in 1990 and in 2001 FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act) has expended the mandate of the FSB to include aspects of market conduct in banking industry. The company headquarters are at Pretoria, South Africa.

FSB has as main responsibilities and functions for all non-bank financial intermediaries and it’s includes capital market, collective instruments schemes, financial services provider, insurers and other credit agents. The board of FSB is an independent tribunal and its appointed by the Minister of Finance. The executive officer is also the Register of Non-banking Financial Institutions. There are four Deputy Executive Officers responsible for supervisor of the various domains like Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services, Retirement Funds and Friendly Societies.