BaFin – Germany

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority is better known as BaFin ans is a financial regulatory from Germany. BaFin has been formed in 2002 and has his jurisdiction in Federal Republic Of Germany. The company headquarters are at Bonn and Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

BaFin has a board consisting in the president Felix Hufeld, four executive directors like Karl-Burkhard Caspari (securities division), Raimund Röseler (banking supervision), Elisabeth Roegele (insurance supervision) and Gabriele Hahn (cross-functional areas and internal administration).

The main responsibility of BaFin is the supervision of banks, insurance companies and ensure the integrity and stability of German financial system. Also BaFin can stop the activity of a firm when they discover or they a suspicions of an market manipulation, illegal operation of banking , financial fraud or incitement to establish stock exchange speculation.